Important Noticed!!!

Start from 18-7-2011

A-Boutique is stop providing pos express service due to

pos Malaysia - Pos Express user terms & conditions.

Customers are advice to use Skynet or Pos Laju only as delivery option.


Disclaimer Statement
All models photography are for illustration purposes only.
Product designs, color, measurement are based on actual product item as the standard.
No cancellation/refundable is allowed after order form submitted.
Goods sold are strictly not refundable/exchangable.
*Payment that NOT made through MAYBANK/CIMB will NOT receive the change of balance. We will save the balance for the NEXT ORDER :)


~ New Stocks Update ~

8589 两面穿S形妙曼曲线修身短袖女装T
颜色 (Color): 黑色 (Black)
质地 (Material) :棉 (Cotton)
尺寸 (Size):均码 (Free Size)
衣长 (Length) : 58 CM
胸围 (Bust) : 86 CM
零售价 (Price) RM 28.00 /

8857 时尚贵气孔雀图案V领修身显瘦波西米亚风格长裙
颜色 (Color) :紫色 (Purple)
材质 (Material):牛奶丝
尺寸 (Size):均码 (Free Size)
裙长 (Length) 85 CM(不含肩带)
胸围 (Bust) 70-84 CM(有胸垫)
零售价 (Price) RM 28.00 /(pc)

9068 海军风显身条纹裙
颜色 (Color):图片色 (as per picture)
材质 (Material):棉 (Cotton)
尺寸 (Size) :均码 (Free Size)
裙长 (Length) 78 CM
胸围 (Bust) 90 CM
肩宽 (Shoulder) 50 CM
腰围 (Waist) 86 CM
零售价 (Price) RM 28.00 /(pc)

38033 圆点休闲中腰无袖雪纺连衣裙 附腰带
材质 (Material):雪纺 (Chiffon)
内衬 (Inner):有 (Yes)
尺码 (Size) :均码 (Free Size)
胸围 (Bust) 86-96 CM
腰围 (Waist) 44-106 CM
裙长 (Length) 115 CM
零售价 (Price) RM 28.00 /(pc)

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